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Lennon Wall Flag

香港小巷 HK Alleys · 9 September 2019 ·  【 九零九 巴丟草給香港人的話 】
909 Badiucao to Hong Kongers,

Dear supporters for Hong Kong,

特別感謝何韻詩的支持,在墨爾本的Be Water 藝術與抗爭對談後,我將壹面旗幟送給她作為禮物,帶回香港。

This is Badiucao, China born Australian Artist.
Lennon Wall Flag is a Badiucao design for Hong Kong. I hope it becomes a new symbol for HK’s freedom and resistance. My biggest dream is to see this flag flying everywhere in Hong Kong for the fight of freedom.

Hugely appreciate the support from Denise Ho, a prominent HK musician and pro democracy activist, on this design. After the artist dialogue event Be Water between me and her in Melbourne, the first ever Lennon Wall Flag is sent to Denise as a gift for her to bring back to HK.

Artist’s Website:

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