2019 8.31

police or murderer? 8.31

credit: The Path to Nazi Genocide [轉]地鐵內恐怖襲擊,黑警近距離亂槍掃射,推人群落電梯! 612 黑警暴行合集 黑警失控打人 – YouTube psychedelic drug disco – YouTube 旺角警署附近 警察向記者噴胡椒噴霧 拘捕市民後疑似揮動警棍圓盾跳舞 愈來愈亢奮失控(港大校園電視) [831]黑警太子站內無差別襲擊市民BACKUP 香港媽媽 现今为止最完整的坦克人Tank Man的录像 Ukraine protests fighting in Kyiv (18.02.2014) +18 – YouTube

THE_MIDI_ORCHESTRA_official 10 iscritti Iscriviti This video shows the excessive use of police force. Hong Kong Police is like a paid murderer to harm Hong Kong people; while no committee really got the power to regulate the disaster in Hong Kong. . Also, we strongly support the pass of the Hong Kong human rights and democracy act! . Free Hong Kong! 五大訴求 缺一不可 成立獨立調查委員會

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