Hong Kong Update

How would you feel when you meet those kids’ faces!

Studio Incendo21 September 2019 ·

香港「反送中」運動義務律師黃國桐 :

Translated from quotes by Mr Daniel Wong, a voluntary lawyer in the recent HK protest:

When you get in touch with the teenagers, when you saw the faces being tortured, you can’t help your tears drop. Please do NOT insult these unselfish young men anymore. The most popular topics amongst them are: how much more can be borne? How many years of sentences were ahead? Any obligations to take care of families? They even have their wills written!

I’m so proud of being a HongKonger, I’ve never love HK like I do now. I’ve seen the beauty and bravery of human in these young men.

民報 http://bit.ly/2mqwNTL

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