《Glory to Hong Kong》 《願榮光歸香港》English Version

《Glory to Hong Kong》 Compose: thomas dgx yhl Lyrics: t, 眾連登仔 Arrangement: t, bp, clk, oct tad, ppp0821 Vocal Editing: 青棍幫, 孔細丘, wilson Mixing: Edwin@mita, 青棍幫, 孔細丘, Kazaf, ppp0821, wilson, TC Electronic Conductor: YJDW mv&cover page: 文字藝術絲 cover page image: KEVIN CHENG PHOTOGRAPHY 官網: FB: IG: 授權申請: 聯絡 contact us: English lyrics by: Dr Rubbish Teen, 眾連登仔 Glory to Hong Kong We pledge: No more tears on our land, In wrath, doubts dispell’d we make our stand. Arise! Ye who would not be slaves again: For Hong Kong, may Freedom reign! Though deep is the dread that lies ahead, Yet still, with our faith, on we tread. Let blood rage afield! Our voice grows evermore: For Hong Kong, may Glory reign! Stars may fade, as darkness fills the air, Through the mist a solitary trumpet flares: Now, to arms! For Freedom we fight, with all might we strike! With valour, wisdom both, we stride!’ Break now the dawn, liberate our Hong Kong, In common breath: Revolution of our times! May people reign, proud and free, now and evermore, Glory be to thee, Hong Kong! 29th Sept, an Open Letter from the team behind “Glory to Hong Kong” We are a group of Hong Kongers, who also happen to be the team behind the “Glory to Hong Kong” anthem that sprung up recently in the wider Hong Kong political movement. Those who followed the news will not be strangers to the enduring spirit of perseverance displayed in the last 3 months. Those more observant may have even noticed this for the last 5 years, when Hong Kongers strived ceaselessly for the human rights and dignity that they so well deserve by virtue of both international treaties and natural law. We know that this struggle will be a long one. Those who are reading this letter without fear of arrest or retribution can do so precisely because your ancestors fought for the same things we are fighting for now. Blood has been spilt, sacrifices made, and now with the fruit of past labours, you are living in a free and democratic country. For this, we Hong Kongers know we are not alone in our fight. What is happening now is no anomaly in history. The road we are taking is a well-trodden one. A single person may not change much, And a single Hong Kong may indeed be but a tiny speck on the globe, But every single one of you who make the decision to stand with Hong Kong Is another indispensable person that fights in this struggle, This struggle for freedom, this struggle for democracy. And for this, we Hong Kongers extend our thanks. For you are fighting not only by us, You are fighting for freedom, you are fighting for democracy. Dgx Studio 929公開信: 先生&女士, 我們是一班香港人, 亦是創作這首歌的團隊, 你們一定已經注意到 在過去5年內, 特別是最近三個月, 香港的人民為了爭取與生俱來,並由各國際條約明確賦予的人權與尊嚴, 即使在黑暗既環境下都堅持到底, 絕不放棄 我們知道這是一場持久戰, 正呼吸著自由空氣的各位, 你們的國家可能很多年前已經民主化, 你們的祖先亦為此流過血和犧牲, 所以我地絕不孤獨, 在前人走過的路上亦有你們相伴 一個人的力量也許薄弱, 一個香港在國際上力量也許微不足道, 但每一個決定站在香港一方的人, 也是為了民主自由而必不可缺的抗爭者 衷心感謝你們的支持, 因為你們不單單是與我們並肩作戰 你們是為了自由而戰, 你們是為了民主而戰 Dgx 團隊

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