2019 9.29

“9.28 Opposing Authoritarianism and Welcoming the Dawn” Rally

17:59 28 Sep: Ahead of the “9.28 Opposing Authoritarianism and Welcoming the Dawn” Rally at 19:00 tonight, black balloons with “Free Hong Kong” were flown above Tamar Park. On the footbridge to Central Government Headquarters in Tamar, three banners were hung, including “When tyranny is a fact, revolution is our duty”.

18:02 28 Sep: People gathered outside Central Government Headquarters for a moment of silence at 17:59, as the first tear gas was deployed on 28 Sep 2014 at this time. They then started to sing Glory to Hong Kong.

19:48 28 Sep: The entire Tamar Park is filled with participants of this rally commemorating the 5th anniversary of Umbrella Movement.

Hong Kong Columns – Translated · 28 September 2019 ·  21:51 28 Sep: On Fleming Road, Wan Chai, around 20 people were requested to get off from a bus route no. 104 by riot cops. Outside Great Eagle Centre, another bus of the same route was intercepted too.

(Juneforstfuneral Telegram)

20:54 28 Sep: Protesters hurled bricks and other items onto the wall of government headquarters, leading to some damages.

20:51 28 Sep: Tear gas was fired onto Harcourt Road flyover.
(now News)

20:45 28 Sep: Protesters retreated eastward as water cannon truck was deployed on Harcourt Road.

20:27 28 Sep: A Chinese Communist Party flag was burnt on a carriageway in Admiralty after the CHRF rally in Tamar Park.

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