Asia Countries

South China Sea, Should ASEAN join the Blue Dot Network?

China deploys 10000 soliders near the Indian and Pakistani borders!

Think War In Iran Is Likely? World War III Could As Easily Occur In One Of These Places

China’s ‘dangerous’ South China Sea plan almost complete

The battle for the South China Sea is heating up. Vietnam. Malaysia. The Philippines. All have drawn lines in the sandbars against China. But it may already be too late.

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Scary reality: China’s secret Cambodian military base

It’s supposed to be an international airport. It’s supposed to be part of a holiday resort on a pristine piece of coastline. But it’s not.

Malaysia, China and Vietnam in ‘dangerous, ongoing game of chicken’ in South China Sea

  • The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative has detailed a fresh stand-off over energy exploration in the disputed South China Sea
  • A vessel contracted by Malaysian state energy firm Petronas is at the centre of the dispute, which involves navy vessels and coastguard boats

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