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Time for Europe and U.S. To Face China’s Global Threat—Together

Building coalitions is a vital requirement in managing such global confrontations. Whether the countries of the EU will support the U.S. and recognize the threat from China to their own security and prosperity remains a challenge for Washington and for Brussels, Berlin, Paris, and other European capitals. The recent investigation of two former senior EU officials suspected of spying for China is sure to compound growing fears over the PRC’s expanding presence across Europe.

Europe has everything it takes to lead the technology race

At DIGITALEUROPE we are committed to ensuring that European users benefit from the highest standards of data protection and privacy. We also aim to ensure that protection and innovation can go hand in hand.

Making Poland one of the Leading Global Digital Innovation Hubs

Orgalim launches technology industries’ Manifesto for a European Agenda on Industrial AI

Challenges and Opportunities: A 2020 vision of China’s relations with Europe

China is a massive headache for Europe

China gets little sympathy in Munich as US, Europe agree on need to confront rising influence

  • General agreement between US and Europe at Munich Security Conference on confronting China in contrast to rising transatlantic disagreements
  • But US and Europe disagree on approach, with US favouring confrontation and Europe preferring dialogue

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