Prelude to the Dawn: Anti-extradition Movement and the Awakening of Hong Kong光復的前奏:反送中運動與香港人覺醒的軌跡

History is made not by heroes, but by the awakened individuals with deep commitments to justice. In 2019, millions of ordinary Hong Kongers astonished the world by, against all odds, standing up for their freedom and dignity. What started as an anti-extradition movement evolved into a reminder to the world that the greatest strength against tyranny is none other than the conscience itself, shared by all humanity. This timeline video reviews the origins of the Anti-extradition Movement and traces the trajectory of how Hong Kongers awakens as a revolutionary people, ready to take back the control of their home. Notwithstanding the ongoing development of the movement, one can still identify 1 July as the decisive moment that changed everything. On that day, the revolution began with the people of Hong Kong storming the undemocratic Legislative Council and proclaiming the Five Demands inside. If verses shall be sung, one day, for this Hong Kong revolution of our time, people will remember that the Anti-extradition Movement is but the prelude to this long epic.

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