Huawei 5G

UK, Huawei and the burden of proof

Worryingly, there is little to suggest that the years spent shadow-boxing around Huawei have achieved a balanced debate…This impasse is the result of a fundamental error in apportioning the burden of proof.

It should be for the proponents of Huawei to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that under no circumstances would using Huawei in Britain’s 5G system pose any threat to security.

Johnson will defy US and allow use of Huawei, says top security adviser

Wake up Britain – Huawei is a national threat

Huawei and the Cameron Connection

THE Huawei scandal has been a long time coming. Huawei started selling software to British telecommunications companies in 2000. It has been supplying hardware since 2003. Within years, the US went public with warnings about Huawei’s links with Chinese espionage, so Tony Blair is the first prime minister to blame for not controlling the risks.

Huawei and the Cameron Connection

Huawei willing to sign ‘no-spy’ pacts with governments: chairman

Huawei deal ‘would let fox loose in chicken coop’, says GCHQ

UK prepares to defy US by allowing Huawei to supply 5G kit

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