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USA, Feb 2020

29/2 – New coronavirus cases in California and Oregon are second and third of unknown origin in US


New coronavirus cases in California and Oregon are second and third of unknown origin in US


King County, Washington, confirms first coronavirus death in US

One person with coronavirus residing in King County, Washington, has died, says state Health Department spokesperson Jamie Nixon.

No further details were provided. A news conference is set for 1 p.m. local time.

26/2 – US Accuses China, Iran of Suppressing ‘Vital Details’ Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


22/2 – Report: California Tells 7,600 people to Self-Quarantine

CDC has confirmed 35 cases of novel coronavirus in the US


21/2 – U.S. prepares for coronavirus pandemic, school and business closures: health officials


20/2 – FBI has ordered $40,000 in hand sanitizer and face masks ‘in case the coronavirus becomes a pandemic in the United States’


Coronavirus research ‘breakthrough’: US scientists announce creation of atomic map of virus

  • The mapping is an important step toward developing a vaccine and treatments
  • Team from the University of Texas at Austin and the National Institutes of Health published their findings in the journal Science

16/02 – China ‘still lying’ about coronavirus outbreak: Sen. Tom Cotton

“The situation is very grave in part because … China was lying from the beginning, and they’re still lying today,” Cotton, R-Ark., said. “And also because there are so many unknowns about this virus. For example, how many people one person can infect once they have the virus?”


13/02 – California lab says it discovered coronavirus vaccine in 3 hours


11/02 – U.S. allows government staff to leave Hong Kong over coronavirus worries


07/02 – Coronavirus: Royal Caribbean bans all Chinese nationals from its cruise ships


1/2 – Major US airlines expand flight cancellations to China and Hong Kong


29/1 – Apple, Google, Amazon announce closures, travel restrictions as coronavirus spreads


25/1- ‘Every hospital needs to be vigilant’: China targets American medical research, senators warn


24/1- American family in China amid coronavirus outbreak reveal they are hiding in their vacation house, ‘shower every time we step outside to keep the virus out’ into the city where masks are sold out


23/1 – Texas investigates a THIRD potential US coronavirus case as second suspected victim is hospitalized in LA and doctors monitor SIXTEEN people who came into contact with Patient Zero in Washington State

  • Health officials in Brazos County on Thursday said they are investigating a suspected case of the deadly new coronavirus
  • The person possibly infected, who has not been named, recently traveled to Wuhan – the Chinese city where the disease originated
  • They have been isolated in their home after health care providers recognized their symptoms as consistent with the coronavirus  
  • So far only one US case of the virus has been confirmed in Washington state
  • That patient was diagnosed Monday after returning home from Wuhan
  • He is currently being treated by a robot in a guarded bio-containment room at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Washington
  • Doctors have identified and are monitoring 16 people he came into contact with in the US during the five days before he was diagnosed
  • Officials are also investigating another potential case involving a passenger who flew into Los Angeles International Airport from Mexico City on Wednesday
  • Health experts have warned that the US will likely see an increase in cases as the coronavirus continues to spread at an alarming rate
  • The coronavirus has killed 25 people and sickened more than 800 worldwide since it was first reported in Wuhan in late December 
  • Most cases have occurred in China but some have been reported in nine other countries including Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam


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