721 Yuen Long

‘Gang rape victim’ blasts police chief’s comments

“Ms X considers that any objective observer would be driven to conclude that these public comments on her criminal complaint by the Commissioner of Police are an outrageous further attempt to publicly discredit her, publicly undermine her complaint and diminish any prospect of a successful prosecution,” the statement said.


‘Grossly unprofessional’: Lawyers slam Hong Kong police for ‘privacy breach’ after woman accuses officers of gang rape

China Keeps Arresting Hong Kong Protesters for ‘Soliciting Prostitution’


Brian Leung: ‘The more people we have, the safer it is here’, Storming of Hong Kong Legislative Council -2019

On 1 July, after months of anti-government protests, protesters stormed Hong Kong’s Legislative Council building. Inside, one protester, Brian Leung Kai-ping, removed his face mask and addressed the crowd with an impassioned plea to remain and occupy the legislative chamber. Leung’s plea was ultimately unsuccessful: protesters abandoned the building in the face of an approaching police clearance operation. However his courage in removing his mask, thereby exposing himself to almost certain arrest, became the emotional high point of the night and remains a key symbolic moment in the months of ongoing protests. Leung is now in exile in the USA.


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