Europe / Western countries

Germany, March 2020

30/03 –

Calls grow for Germany-wide use of face masks

Regional officials urge federal government to make usage mandatory to counter Covid-19

28/03 – Germany will keep lockdown in place until at least April 20th, confirms head of Merkel’s office. Exit strategy for after that depends on infection rate the next few days

22/03 – VW tests 3D printer ventilators as carmakers join coronavirus fight

BREAKING: Angela #Merkel into home quarantine! Her Doctor is tested positive on Coronavirus.

Germany’s low coronavirus mortality rate intrigues experts

18/03 – Merkel: Coronavirus is Germany’s worst crisis since WWII

04/03 – Coronavirus is now a ‘worldwide pandemic,’ German health minister says

28/1 – Germany confirms human transmission of coronavirus

Germany quarantines 1,000, Switzerland halts all big events

Coronavirus: Japan and Germany confirm patients who caught disease did not visit China

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