Wuhan Coronavirus

The Wuhan Pneumonia Crisis Highlights the Danger in China’s Opaque Way of Doing Things


How China’s new virus could disrupt the phase one trade deal with the US

  • Beijing may face difficulties in meeting targets outlined in its recent trade deal with Washington if the spread of the coronavirus in China causes prolonged demand disruption, according to a recent report by Panjiva Research.
  • Those comments come as China battles to contain a virus outbreak that has infected more than 5,900 and killed 132 in the country, sending jitters across markets globally as investors weigh the potential economic impact.


Why the dictatorship makes a deadly virus even worse

When it comes to a choice between securing citizens’ health and maintaining the health of the Chinese Communist Party there is no contest. Citizens cannot expect the ‘mere’ spread of a deadly virus to change this state of affairs.


China promises tougher crackdown to stop spread of disease – as it happened


Coronavirus: China accused of ‘burning bodies in secret’

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