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Japan, Feb 2020

27/02 – BREAKING – Japan closes ALL schools, colleges and high schools across the country from March 2 until spring because of #COVID19 – Prime Minster Abe

25/2 – Medical staff in Japan harassed for carrying ‘germs’ after tending to coronavirus patients

  • Frontline health workers have reported being shunned by their own bosses and colleagues, and their children have been told to stay away from school
  • The abuse of workers who have risked their lives to save others is a breach of human rights, the Japanese Association for Disaster Medicine says


24/2 – Hokkaido woman infected with coronavirus served lunch at local elementary school


05/02 – Coronavirus: Ten passengers on cruise ship test positive for virus


3/2 – Japan screening cruise ship for coronavirus


01/02 Japanese gov’t official looking after returnees from Wuhan found dead


31/1 – Japanese Institute Succeeds in Isolating Wuhan Coronavirus


28/1 – report first cases of coronavirus in people who hadn’t travelled to China

The first cases of human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus outside of China have been announced.


24/1 – Tainted pork in pig feed may have caused swine fever in Okinawa, panel says


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