Huawei 5G

Of course Huawei is getting an easy ride. The British establishment has been bought up by China

Rubio, Cotton, Cornyn Urge Members of United Kingdom’s National Security Council to Reject Huawei in 5G Infrastructure

Police conduct in Hong Kong and international human rights law EDM #106

That this House welcomes the inauguration of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hong Kong to promote democracy and the rule of law, and to defend human rights in Hong Kong, to share information about Hong Kong, and to nurture relations between the United Kingdom and the people of Hong Kong; notes that the inaugural meeting heard chilling testimony from a consultant surgeon who provides humanitarian aid to those injured in the protests, including police, protestors and bystanders, and who reported having treated the kind of injuries seen in wars; is profoundly concerned by reports of the arrest and public humiliation of those providing medical assistance to the injured; observes that video footage of police brutality demonstrates that the Hong Kong police are failing to adhere to the provisions of the United Nations Guidance on Less Lethal Weapons in Law Enforcement; further observes that the arrest of those providing humanitarian assistance is contrary to international law and the global consensus on fundamental human rights of access to medical treatment; is alarmed that failure of the international community to condemn these breaches by the Hong Kong police would set a dangerous precedent, encouraging others to follow suit, placing in grave jeopardy the lives and welfare of humanitarian aid workers around the world, including providers of medical and other aid from the United Kingdom; and calls on the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs to raise these concerns with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Britain’s sovereignty at risk if it allows Huawei to access 5G network, US Secretary of State warns

Allowing our infrastructure to be infected by Huawei is a far bigger risk than the coronavirus

We’ve avoided making up our minds about how to deal with China. Hence the Huawei quandary.

Huawei decision is a sensible compromise but could still anger US

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