USA, Arrest of Harvard Professor Puts Chinese Economic Espionage in Spotlight

NEW YORK—The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has begun an investigation into China-related cases of economic espionage across the country. The Bureau reports that the Chinese regime is using “non-traditional collectors,” such as professors, researchers, and front companies—as opposed to traditional undercover spies—to acquire sensitive technology from the United States.

Chinese national arrested for smuggling Harvard cancer research in a sock

  • Zhaosong Zheng, a student under a student visa sponsored by Harvard University, was arrested Dec. 9 at Boston Logan for attempted smuggling of 21 vials of cancer research. He was labeled by prosecutors as a flight risk.
  • Zheng says he was going to China to publish the research under his own name.
  • Prosecutors say Zheng has ties to the Chinese government and according to the F.B.I, ”this was a coordinated crime.”

Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate China Related Cases

Former Raytheon Engineer Accused of Taking Missile Defense Secrets to China

Emory professor hit with criminal charge, linked to Chinese government program

Xiojiang Li was a member of the Thousand Talents plan, a Chinese program that a Senate report last year said was designed to steal sensitive research.

As US Universities Close Confucius Institutes, What’s Next?

How the US Forced China to Quit Stealing—Using a Chinese Spy

US professor arrested, accused of hiding relationship with Chinese university

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