China Update

Why China is a bigger threat than the Soviet Union

For reasons of politics, economics, and military power, the Chinese Communist Party now poses a greater threat to U.S. security than the Soviet Union did during the Cold War.

Whistleblower Reveals How She Was Silenced After Exposing Chinese Influence at UN

The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights is under fire after being exposed for giving the names of dissidents and human rights activists to the Chinese communist regime, and then persecuting the whistleblower who exposed the scandal.

China bullies the world to look the other way on human-rights abuses

To those who follow international affairs, it is clear that China has become increasingly repressive under President Xi Jinping. Over the past eight years, electronic surveillance in China has become more pervasive, intolerance for freedom of expression has grown, and many lawyers have been disbarred or imprisoned simply for defending their clients’ rights.

The China Initiative: Combating Economic Espionage and Trade Secret Exfiltration

China’s Belt and Road: The deal of the century WA doesn’t want, but may not be able to avoid

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