Origins, Symptoms, Vaccine

Vaccine and test kit for Wuhan Coronavirus, Feb 2020

27/2 – Hong Kong researchers identify coronavirus vaccine targets

22/2 – Taiwan has successfully produced the first antigen for the Novel Coronavirus in just ten days! 希望可以讓世界看到台灣的強大——中研院僅花 10 天產出「抗原」!博士生「神比喻」讓你秒懂抗原重要性

Taiwan team develops antigen for Wuhan coronavirus within 10 days

22/2 -Australia test of coronavirus vaccine past lab test Coronavirus, vaccino australiano supera i test di laboratorio

20/02 – Coronavirus research ‘breakthrough’: US scientists announce creation of atomic map of virus

  • The mapping is an important step toward developing a vaccine and treatments
  • Team from the University of Texas at Austin and the National Institutes of Health published their findings in the journal Science

13/02 – California lab says it discovered coronavirus vaccine in 3 hours

12/02 – Coronavirus treatment may come from an unexpected place

11/02 – #HongKong’s #PolyU developed a rapid test system for respiratory infection, it could detect 30-40 varieties of virus and bacteria, included #Coronavirud, #SARS,Influenza A virus

1/2/2020 – Japan succeeds in isolating Wuhan coronavirus in step toward vaccine and test kit

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases said Friday that it has succeeded in cultivating and isolating the new coronavirus, first reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan, from a person in Japan who has been confirmed to have the virus.

28/1/2020 – China coronavirus: Hong Kong researchers have already developed vaccine but need time to test it, expert reveals

  • HKU’s Professor Yuen Kwok-yung says his team is working on vaccine, having isolated virus from the city’s first imported case
  • Scientists in mainland China and the United States are also racing to produce a vaccine for the deadly new coronavirus

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