Commonwealth Countries

China accuses Australia of discriminating against Huawei

The Australian government’s ban on Huawei’s participation in building the nation’s 5G network remains a “sore point or thorny issue” between the two countries, the Chinese ambassador said on Monday, as he criticised the government for discriminating against a Chinese company.

China is trying to rewrite the definition of human rights, and Australia has a last chance to resist

Iconic Australian milk brands Dairy Farmers and Big M are to be taken over by a Chinese company

  • Milk brands Big M and Dairy Farmers are to be taken over by Chinese company 
  • The $600million deal was announced on Friday with no opposition from ACCC
  • Mick Keogh, the ACCC’s deputy chair, said the takeover was fair to competitors

Huawei linked to research grants totalling $262m

The Australian Research Council has handed out more than $262m in taxpayer-funded grants over the past five years to projects involving Chinese ­organisations, including four ­ involving “high risk” telco Huawei.

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