China – Wuhan Coronavirus Feb 2020

26/02 – Coronavirus: Hubei cities fearful as medical supplies run low

Doctors say they have resorted to using raincoats and plastic bags as protection as officials call for more supplies.

25/2 – Exclusive: Cluster of Death Found at Wuhan Nursing Home Near Seafood Market

24/2 – Seventeen-day-old baby girl recovers from coronavirus without medication after being born to a confirmed patient

  • The baby is the youngest patient to have recovered from the virus in China
  • She was allowed to go home on Friday after making a full recovery by herself
  • Doctors didn’t give her antibiotic medication because her condition was minor
  • Experts suspect the virus could be passed from mothers to babies in the womb

23/2 – Coronavirus: Wuhan to quarantine all cured patients for 14 days after some test positive again

  • Recovered and discharged people were sent to designated centres from Saturday onwards
  • Decision follows several instances in which recovered patients were found to be still carrying the virus and able to infect others

Another Wuhan doctor dies from coronavirus

21/2 – 29-year-old Chinese doctor dies of coronavirus in Wuhan

20/2 – Confusion mounts over China’s counting methods as coronavirus numbers swing wildly

BEIJING – Authorities in Hubei province reported good news Thursday: There were only 349 new coronavirus cases the previous day, the lowest tally in weeks.

The bad – and puzzling – news? Wuhan, the capital of Hubei, reported 615 new cases all by itself.

Whopping rise in infection at Beijing hospital puts capital on alert

A central Beijing hospital reported 36 novel coronavirus cases as of Thursday, a sharp increase from nine cases from two weeks earlier, leading many to fear a potential explosion of infection numbers in the capital.

18/02 – Chinese film director Chang Kai and family die from coronavirus

Four members of same family die during self-quarantine at centre of outbreak in Wuhan

17/02 – Liu Zhiming, hospital director in Wuhan, fighting for his life from coronavirus

15/02 – Update: Rise in sulfur dioxide could be sign of mass cremations in Wuhan

Windy map shows spike in SO2 emissions from Wuhan, possibly signaling increased cremations

14/02 – Over 1,700 frontline medics infected with coronavirus in China, presenting new crisis for the government

13/02 – Coronavirus Cases Seemed to Be Leveling Off. Not Anymore.

On Thursday, health officials in China reported more than 14,000 new cases in Hubei Province alone. A change in diagnostic criteria may be the reason.

12/2 –

11/02 – At least 500 Wuhan medical staff infected with coronavirus

  • Medical sources in the city confirm rate of infection, but say they have been told not to release the full picture to the public
  • So far three deaths among medical workers have been confirmed, including that of Li Wenliang, but higher rate of infection risks hampering fight to curb disease

10/2 – #China Lin Zhengbin, a human organ transplant specialist from Wuhan Tongji Hospital, died of #WuhanCoronavirus today.

09/02 – Accidently leaked real data about the coronavirus outbreak (source: Taiwan News).

06/02 – Wuhan Rounds Up the Infected as Death Toll in China Jumps


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