Wuhan Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Why many deaths will never appear in official figures


Fighting Outbreak, China Urged Open Borders. Even Allies Are Resisting.

Chinese diplomats have pitched the crisis as a friendship test, calling on governments not to take measures that would imply Beijing can’t contain the epidemic


The coronavirus crisis was made in China, but no one will say it


Coronavirus Cover Up Threatens to Topple the Chinese Government


Amid Coronavirus, the World Closes Its Doors to China: ‘I Feel So Isolated’


The three mistakes the Chinese government has made in its mishandling of the coronavirus crisis

China’s Facade of Stability


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  1. I am Chinese,Epidemic situation is a major event in the world,The people of the world should fight together,Not to belittle China here!China has paid a lot to fight the epidemic,Chinese citizens believe in his country and they knew that China would win. I hope the world can face up to a strong China and a revitalized China.


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