2020 2.29

29.2 Protest, Part 1

Red shirt men got pepper sprayed, lost conscious after being dragged away by police紅衣男子中胡椒彈後被警拖行 倒地完全失去知覺


Hong Kong female reporter felt after being hit, lost conscious 「即時片段」香港女記者被推撞倒地 全無反應 現場急救指:情況不樂觀


I will trade my liberty with Hong Kong Freedom, 14 years old protester. 14歲抗爭少女:願以個人犧牲換取香港自由


Flash Media Hong Kong

29 February at 16:19 ·

【2.29 「831」半周年|女士近距離中椒倒地·防暴不顧而去】
2315 豉油街同花園街交界,有中年婦女被近距離噴胡椒噴霧,不支倒地,唯防暴警察未有理會。
【2.29 6 months after “831”|Riot police ignored a lady who fell down after being pepper-sprayed at close range】
2315 A middle-aged lady fell down after being hit by the riot police’s use of pepper spray at close range. Nevertheless, the police left the scene without a backward glance.
Photo 攝:Billy Choy
Edit 撰:Billy Choy, TK

香港教育大學學生會編輯委員會 EdUHKSU Editorial Board February at 15:35


20:49 29 Feb: Fire was set on rubbish bins at an Exit E of Mong Kok MTR Station. Train announcement asked passengers to come out ASAP.
(Apple Daily)

20:48 29 Feb: A riot cop’s eye might have been affected by pepperspray and needed colleagues to attend him by washing his eyes.
(Cable News)

20:45 29 Feb: Fire was set outside Grand Centre, Mong Kok. Fire engines arrived and soon put out the fire.
(Apple Daily)

20:40 29 Feb: Protesters set plastic barricades on fire at the junction of Argyle Street and Nathan Road.
(Apple Daily)

20:30 29 Feb: A young male protester was arrested on Prince Edward Road West, with blood all over his face.
(youarenotalonehk Telegram)

20:27 29 Feb: Tear gas on Nathan Road outside Pioneer Centre.
(Apple Daily)

20:26 29 Feb: Tear gas at the junction of Bute Street and Sai Yeung Choi Road South. Protesters chanted “dirty cops” out loud.
(Apple Daily)

20:19 29 Feb: Tear gas again at the junction of Nathan Road and Bute Street, Mong Kok.

(Apple Daily)

20:15 29 Feb: Tear gas was fired at the junction of Nathan Road and Nullah Road, Mong Kok.
(Apple Daily)

20:05 29 Feb: Black and orange banners were both hoisted, warning the use of tear smoke.
20:00 29 Feb: 6 months’ anniversary of 31 Aug incident drew some people to Prince Edward Station and the surrounding. The police arrived at Nathan Road near Pioneer Centre, and asked people to leave or they will use force.
(eduhknews Telegram)

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