Huawei 5G

The U.K. Decision on Huawei is About Freedom

Boris Johnson’s brother in Hong Kong backs Brexit strategy as he plans UK hotel fund targeting Asian investors

Sorry Boris, France shows there is an alternative to Huawei after all

Yesterday, the French announced that they have chosen those two companies to build their 5G network. The two Scandie suppliers are about a year behind Huawei, according to industry experts, but that isn’t the end of the world. France, though, has no legacy of terrible decisions that its civil servants feel bound to defend. Currently, there is very little Huawei in its critical infrastructure, whereas Britain is chock-full of the stuff.

Have we been played by China?

The West’s utter failure to see China’s end game

The US won’t forget Boris Johnson’s Huawei betrayal. He should reverse course now

Senior Tories form group dubbed the ‘Wolverines’ to oppose Huawei and call on MPs to express concerns over 5G deal

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