Wuhan Coronavirus

You Can Now Go to Jail in China for Criticizing Beijing’s Coronavirus Response

The Chinese government is ramping up its propaganda, and cracking down on criticism, as the virus spreads.


Stocks Sink as Markets Open in China

China Increasingly Walled Off as Countries Seek to Stem Coronavirus

The number of deaths from the virus outbreak rose to 304 and the number of cases soared to more than 14,000 as Australia and Japan joined the United States in imposing travel restrictions.

China’s Social Control Mechanisms on Full Display Amid Coronavirus Epidemic

People with ties to Wuhan are being tracked, quarantined, and even outed on social media.


Cannot ‘blame people for being suspicious’ of China during coronavirus outbreak


Fury in China as footage appears to show officials taking doctors’ face masks


China’s reaction to the coronavirus outbreak violates human rights


China state secracy likely caused deadly outbreak to worsen

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