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The White House doesn’t trust China’s coronavirus numbers — here’s why

  • The coronavirus that emerged from China’s Hubei province over a month ago and has spread to two dozen countries is already fueling mistrust from the U.S. government on whether China can provide accurate information.
  • U.S. mistrust of China goes as far back as the 1950s, when national authorities set unrealistic production quotas that led local officials to inflate data.


Fort Report: China’s Chernobyl Moment?


Coronavirus outbreak will speed up US-China ‘decoupling’ more than the trade war, Milken Institute analyst says

Here’s How China Is Silencing Coronavirus Critics in the U.S.

The restrictions prevent international users from sending information to contacts in China, and in some cases they have also had their accounts suspended or blocked completely and accused of “spreading malicious rumors.” In many cases, the censorship means their only communication link to people inside China has been cut off completely.


Sen. Hawley blasts China’s dishonesty on coronavirus spread: ‘They’re completely overwhelmed’


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