Huawei 5G

U.S. announces new criminal charges against Chinese tech giant Huawei

Justice Department charges Huawei and two of its subsidiaries in a plot to steal trade secrets from competitors in America

the new charges against Huawei in full. It’s hard to escape the conclusion that IP theft is not just a malign activity of the company–it’s a core component of its business strategy.

China’s Huawei Charged With Racketeering, Stealing Trade Secrets

Chinese company Huawei’s Silicon Valley outpost allegedly stole trade secrets from Cisco

Chinese army’s elite hackers steal Equifax data on 13m Britons

US news

US defence secretary warns Huawei 5G will put alliances at risk

Trump administration may stop exporting engines co-manufactured by GE to China, WSJ says

The FBI Is Shaking Up LA City Hall. They May Be Looking For Chinese Money

Huawei alleged to have stolen Cisco source code

It’s time to talk about TikTok and what it’s doing with our kids’ data

U.S. mulls cutting Huawei off from global chip suppliers, with TSMC in crosshairs

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