Huawei 5G

Inside Huawei’s powerful network of UK lobbyists and influencers

Huawei has spent heavily to recruit a phalanx of consultants to help underpin its case and argue it more forcefully

Britain slammed for inviting Chinese surveillance giant Hikvision to security fair

  • Tech company has been blacklisted by US over alleged links to internment camps in Xinjiang
  • Some critics hope UK Home Office will reconsider ‘disappointing’ decision to allow Hikvision to attend government-backed event

‘I love China,’ Boris Johnson tells Xi Jinping in phone call covering belt and road projects and coronavirus, among other issues

  • British prime minister again displays a cosiness with Beijing that contrasts with his hardline approach to the European Union amid Brexit trade talks
  • The Chinese leader also speaks with French President Emmanuel Macron and Croatian President Zoran Milanovic

Luke de Pulford: Johnson must not quit the fight against modern slavery

US campaign against Huawei’s 5G role in UK set to continue

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