Wuhan Coronavirus

The coronavirus crisis was made in China, but no one will say it


How the Coronavirus Impacts China and its Foreign Policy

The U.S. and China have a mutual interest in containing the outbreak, but exchanges over the virus have not been without friction.


Forget Sars, the new coronavirus threatens a meltdown in China’s economy

  • Sars’ fatality rate may be higher than Covid-19’s, but economically speaking the new coronavirus is far more deadly
  • This time around, a worst-case scenario of financial collapse, foreign exodus and large-scale bankruptcy cannot be ruled out


Helen Raleigh: Coronavirus outbreak will have an immense long-term impact


As Wuhan’s desperate and sick beg for help, China shuts them down

Doctors are told not to cause alarm over coronavirus, social media posts are deleted and vital information is dismissed as rumour


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