Origins, Symptoms, Vaccine

Vaccine and test kit for Wuhan Coronavirus, March 2020

23/03 – As the First Coronavirus Vaccine Human Trials Begin, Manufacturer Is Already Preparing to Scale Production to Millions

20/03 – WHO officials say at least 20 coronavirus vaccines are in development in global race for cure

  • Any vaccine for the coronavirus would have to made available to everyone, not just the “haves,” WHO officials said. 
  • WHO officials noted that the race for a vaccine has made remarkable progress as the first human trials have started only eight weeks into development.
  • The virus has infected more than 245,000 people worldwide and killed more than 10,000 as of Friday afternoon.

16/03 – USA, Government official: Coronavirus vaccine trial starts Monday

14/03 – Dutch researchers first to find Covid-19 antibodies: Report

$2 billion required to develop a vaccine against the COVID-19 virus

12/03 – Canada Research team has isolated the COVID-19 virus

10/03 – Coronavirus Drug and Vaccine Studies Are Recruiting Their First Volunteers

A coronavirus vaccine will take at least 18 months—if it works at all

09/03 – Taiwan scientists develop antibodies for 15-minute Wuhan virus test in 19 days

06/03 – Coronavirus: Singapore launches new fast-track swab test kits for inbound travellers

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