Wuhan Coronavirus

China deploys 40 incinerators to Wuhan amid fears of coronavirus death toll ‘cover up’

Chinese media reports that the mobile furnaces – used for burning animal carcasses and medical waste – have been shipped to the centre of the Covid-19 outbreak

Questions have been raised over whether or not the Communist Party is withholding information about the outbreak in Wuhan.

Disturbing reports have continued to emerge about the city, with claims medics are totally overwhelmed by the sheer number of infections.

Pictures have emerged showing deserted streets, and videos of early in the outbreak show hospitals completely heaving with people.

And the Wuhan hospital director Liu Zhiming has reportedly died of the infection, with around 1,700 doctors diagnosed with Covid-19.


China infects itself and threatens to infect the world, needlessly

Exclusive: Chinese Regime Deploys 1,600 Online Trolls to Suppress Information on Coronavirus


Chinese officials ’round up and execute villagers’ pets to stop the spread of coronavirus’ despite WHO experts saying the disease cannot be spread to animals

  • Officials of Peng’an, China, started to cull pets from Monday, activists claimed
  • They paid door-to-door visits to villagers to kill their cats and dogs, it is alleged 
  • No evidence shows the virus can be passed onto animals, according to WHO 
  • PETA urged the officials not to use the outbreak as ‘an excuse to abuse animals’ 
  • Authorities denied accusations, claiming they culled the dogs to prevent rabies 


Chinese middlemen are stockpiling facemasks from Kenya and Tanzania for export to China


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