Hong Kong Update

Apple Daily obtained a report sent to Beijing by Carrie Lam on anti-epidemic work蘋果》獲密件揭林鄭向中央獻計 藉抗疫令建制選情轉危為機

Failures are blamed on the #antiELAB movement and loss of trust in the government – Striking medics are “radical #antiELAB elements taking an opportunity to make trouble”

– The pro-establishment faction are described as failing to stand with the government on anti-epidemic work due to electoral considerations – The government hopes effective handling of the epidemic will win the support of HKers and create a favourable atmosphere for the elections


Hong Kong protests: two men accused of rioting have charges withdrawn

  • Construction worker Lau Chun-hing and salesman Cheung Man-wai took part in an authorised march in Kwun Tong on August 24
  • Prosecution argued men had drawn suspicion on themselves but magistrate disagreed and also granted legal costs to both


CCP Expands Control Over Items Sent to Hong Kong and Taiwan

With no trust in their government, Hongkongers have to take care of themselves in coronavirus chaos


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