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Miles Guo found crucial evidence in a Wuhan doctor’s post

Miles Guo reported on Feb 22 that he was able to provide some important evidences to the governments around the world about the number of Covid19-related deaths in China.

A post by Wuhan Doctor Li Yan became a piece of crucial evidence

Li Yan is a doctor from Wuhan Tongji Hospital.

This news article says that she canceled her vacation to return to the frontline to fight Covid19 on Jan 22:

Translation of Professor Li Yan’s post which provides a glimpse into the number of deaths in Wuhan:

I just left a Cabin Hospital and really want to curse. Why is it so hard for you to stay home! So hard! There are still newly confirmed cases (of COVID-19). New diagnoses keep coming. Obviously these people roamed around outside without listening to the order (to stay home). Every old man should ask yourself if you violated (home-quarantine)! We beg you not to ignore orders due to age-related arrogance.

You are capable of going out without masks. You are capable of arguing. Then you should be capable of not seeing a doctor after getting sick.

All the efforts made in many days could be ruined completely by one or two persons. Do you deserve to be killed? You should think if your irresponsible behavior justifiable to the dead or the living.

“Three thousand medical personnel were infected. Children from tens of thousands of families became orphans.”

I have to ask myself if it is worth helping these people (the disobedient ones). We have lost so many comrades and teachers. I beg you not to be self-righteous or arrogant just because of your age. OK! We beg you.

Wuhan death toll calculation based on the number of orphans

Doctor Li Yan said there were tens of thousands of orphaned children in Wuhan:

  • If there is one death per family (one parent died), this means tens of thousands of deaths.
  • If there are two deaths per family (both parents died), this means 100 thousand deaths or more in Wuhan alone.

How can you believe the two thousand death toll reported by the Chinese government?

What about the number of infected cases? It can be astonishing.

Mobile animal waste incinerators are being used to dispose of dead bodies

The CCP used mobile animal waste incinerators during the SARS epidemic 17 years ago. They are mobile crematoria. Now they are put to use next to Cabin Hospitals, so dead bodies can be disposed of quickly and discreetly:

  • Each mobile animal waste incinerator can dispose of 5 tons of animal waste (including human corpses in this case), which is equivalent to 30 bodies per day.
  • The government publicly announced that they sent 40 mobile animal waste incinerators to Wuhan.
  • 40 incinerators X 30 bodies/day = 1200 bodies per day in Wuhan (without counting bodies processed in crematoria)

A friend of Miles Guo told him that he sent more than 40 mobile incinerators to Wuhan.

There are 400K mobile incinerators currently being distributed nationwide.

There are one million mobile incinerators being built:

  • 1 million X 30 bodies / day = 30 million bodies / day
  • it is equivalent to twice of New York City’s population per day

With the use of mobile incinerators, do you still believe the official death toll of the 2013 SARS epidemic?

Do you believe that 2000-death from COVID-19 as claimed by the CCP would require so many mobile incinerators? Please keep in mind that there were three thousand infections among medical personnel in Wuhan alone according to Doctor Li Yan.

Currently, there are 47 crematoria in Wuhan, and each is equipped with 19 lines to cremate bodies concurrently.

There should be about 2000 crematoria in Hubei Province, so it can cremate 100k bodies per day (assuming each crematorium only burns 50 bodies per day: 2000 X 50=100,000). But apparently, 100K bodies per day is not enough in Hubei province, because the CCP added mobile incinerators. So, you do the math.

Do you still believe 70K cases of infections in China told by the CCP?

Why did the CCP finally allow the WHO and CDC to visit Wuhan?

Miles Guo summarized a recent dialogue between a foreign government official and himself:

Official: Why did the CCP hid the truth?

Miles: (what a dumb question!) The CCP does not need to hide the truth if the virus came from bats.

Official: I just got the news that the CCP finally agreed to let the WHO and CDC visit Wuhan.

Miles: Letting police investigate a bank robbery after one week’s cleanup of the crime scene is a coverup. The CCP will make you bear false witness. It is even worse. It is like investigating a dead body after it was burnt to ashes. Sun Lijun and his police force will control every aspect of your investigation. You will become tools for the CCP to deceive the world! The CCP will definitely let you visit P4 Lab after ‘deep-cleaning’ by the PLA (People’s Liberation Army). The PLA was able to remove all evidences within hours instead of days. The CCP will only tell you what they want you to know. you will not be allowed to conduct independent investigations or talk to Wuhan residents directly.

Miles “imagined” the visitors emotional reactions upon returning from Wuhan:

  • “We saw with our own eyes that the P4 Lab is just a biology lab.”
  • “I saw bats and the mating between snakes and pangolins. “

Sun Lijun, a notorious CCP “butcher”, has been preparing for the WHO & CDC’s Wuhan visit:

  • People got slaughtered wherever he went.
  • After he visited Hong Kong last year, many pro-democracy activists were murdered secretly, and some media and NGOs were expelled.
  • Sun Lijun went to Wuhan recently to terrorize and maintain political stability. The latter means that anybody can be executed for any reason.

In summary, the WHO and CDC’s Wuhan visit will become part of the CCP’s propaganda to deceive the world.

What does the CCP want to do?

These are the CCP’s contradicting and deceiving activities:

  • The CCP postponed the party’s “two-session” meeting, a gathering of three thousand puppets and liars (the so-called representatives of the Chinese people forced upon the Chinese people)
  • Force workers to return to work.
  • The CCP is having one million mobile incinerators built in addition to the 400K existing ones.
  • Sun Lijun went to Wuhan to welcome the visitors from the WHO and CDC.

The answer is that they are afraid of Feb 29! The CCP understands clearly that it will be over if they cannot survive what is about to happen on Feb 29.

The Shanghai Gang (Jiang Zeming, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Yang Jiechi, and Sun Lijun, Jiang Miankang, Zhu Rongji, etc.) finally realized the importance of Feb 29, so they sent Yin Yong and lots of medical personnel and experts to Wuhan, in addition to Sun Lijun’s Gestapo.

Yang Jiechi (director of the Office of Foreign Affairs), Wu Zeng (a registered CCP spy) and Yang Lang (CCP spy and TV hostess) are working hard to rally international supporters of the CCP to fight a desperate battle.

The Shanghai Gang realized that they and their illegitimate children will die violently if they lose Wuhan because of Shanghai’s proximity to Wuhan. They are afraid that the Wuhan people might go to Shanghai to seek revenge. Even though they are well protected in Shanghai, but their walls and guards cannot stop tens of thousands of people gathered around their residents.

According to sources in Wuhan, the in-home death toll is several times more than that in the hospitals. If the in-hospital-death-toll ranges between tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, what is the death toll for both in-home and in-hospital?

This satellite picture (shown above) of high level of sulfur dioxide gas, released from burning organic matters, above Wuhan shocked the world. But the CCP is still covering it up, and experts are perplexed by the infection rate (R0) of COVID-19.

“Exposé  Revolution” plays an important role in letting the world know the CCP’s evil schemes.

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