Wuhan Coronavirus

China’s Citizen Journalists Persecuted for Reporting the Truth

People who seek to disclose the lies behind the CCP’s propaganda are accused of “divulging state secrets” and are treated as spies.

De-Sinicizing the Virus: How CCP Propaganda Is Rewriting History

Secret documents instruct Chinese diplomats and agents to call COVID-19 “Italian virus,” claim it did not originate in Wuhan, and promote Xi Jinping as the heroic leader who defeated the virus.

China’s Decision to Leave Asymptomatic Patients off Coronavirus Infection Tally Sparks Debate


China scoffed at being subject to early coronavirus travel restrictions. Now it’s enacting its own


Chinese Man Calls For Non-Cooperation Movement to End the Chinese Communist Party


Opinion: Coronavirus has the power to topple China’s one-party regime


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