Wuhan Coronavirus

China media launches major disinformation offensive on coronavirus

China Goes on Diplomatic Offensive Over Coronavirus Response

Coronavirus crisis shows why China’s history of silencing truth-tellers must end

Telling the truth was and remains a dangerous thing to do in China, as the plight of whistle-blower Li Wenliang confirmed. This muzzling just harms the people in the long run


Beijing’s state anchor is ‘banned from hosting shows’ after claiming Chinese people should bow to the world and say ‘sorry’ for causing the coronavirus outbreak

  • This came after the host posted the controversial claim on Chinese social media 
  • The information was reportedly revealed by an insider from the state-run media
  • He had hosted a variety of programmes on the national broadcaster for 13 years
  • It is unclear if the anchor would be allowed to appear on other regional channels
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?


China Pushes Back as Coronavirus Crisis Damages Its Image

How It All Started: China’s Early Coronavirus Missteps

China’s errors, dating back to the very first patients, were compounded by political leaders who dragged their feet to inform the public of the risks and to take decisive control measures


This New Coronavirus Spy Drone Will Make Sure You Stay Home


COVID-19 crisis reveals the CCP’s true colors


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