Wuhan Coronavirus

Chinese who cry racial abuse amid the coronavirus epidemic forget they are as bad as the rest of us

We’re all racists, it’s just a matter of degree. If The Wall Street Journal’s ‘Sick Man of Asia’ headline was racist, was it more offensive than the CCTV variety show featuring blackface? Unlike China, at least the US admits it has a problem


The Chinese were white – until white men called them yellow

  • Europeans referred to East Asians as white until the end of the 18th century
  • But as the Chinese and Japanese resisted cultural assimilation they darkened – both in Western eyes and their own


Coronavirus: China keen to promote its success in controlling epidemic

  • As outbreak has transitioned into a global problem, Beijing has sought to repair the damage to its reputation caused by its early missteps, observers say
  • It has also offered to share its knowledge with supporters of its Belt and Road Initiative, like Chile, Italy and Iran


Special Report: Before coronavirus, China bungled swine epidemic with secrecy


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