Arrested, Missing, Deaths - Where are they NOW?

Hong Kong police arrest 17 people, seize 2.6 tonnes of chemicals in raids across city over series of bomb plots

  • Suspects believed to be from the same group that planted explosives at Shenzhen Bay checkpoint and Caritas Medical Centre
  • Officers raided 22 locations, including Tai Po, Yau Tong, Kwun Tong, and three flats in a commercial building on Bedford Road in Tai Kok Tsui

【反送中運動】至少百名被告因傷缺席首次聆訊 20 人投訴遭警毆有明顯傷勢 8 人被打至骨折反送中運動-至少百名被告因傷缺席首次聆訊-20-人投訴遭警毆有明顯傷勢-8-人被打至骨折/

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