Evidence of HK Police Brutelity

Hong Kong: Widespread police violence during protests must be investigated to prevent further clashes

Hong Kong police suspend officer accused of assaulting homeless man and smashing his belongings with hammer

  • Police force is highly concerned about incident in which officer is alleged to have damaged articles during patrol in Sham Shui Po park, spokesman says
  • Street sleeper and pastor had earlier complained about the homeless being bullied in Tung Chau Street Park by group of plain-clothes officers


As Hong Kong protests raged, police solved lowest percentage of cases in 19 years

  • Policing set to ‘go back to normal’ next month, as thousands of officers drafted in to deal with demonstrations since last June return to original assignments
  • But protective barriers outside force HQ and government offices to remain


Budget 2020: anger as Hongkongers abroad to get cash handout, while recent immigrants miss out

  • Fielding questions on a radio show, city’s finance chief defends eligibility rules for HK$10,000 giveaway
  • ‘Does the government discriminate against new immigrants?’ asks one caller


In the battle over Hong Kong, the surveillance state knows no boundaries

There is a proxy war happening in Vancouver over Hong Kong and activists say that not only are they being watched, but pro-Beijing provocateurs are trying to intimidate them

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