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New Parliamentary Inquiry Launched into Alleged Human Rights Abuses in Hong Kong


New Parliamentary Inquiry Launched into Alleged Human Rights Abuses in Hong Kong

Embargoed 10th March

New Parliamentary Inquiry Launched into Alleged Human Rights Abuses in Hong Kong

Alleged human rights abuses enacted against medical workers and humanitarian symbols across Hong Kong are being investigated by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Hong Kong. The Group will launch the first parliamentary inquiry into such abuses and is calling for evidence on Tuesday, 10th March.

The finding of the inquiry will be shared with government as evidence as to whether the actions of the Hong Kong Police Force in relation to providers of a. humanitarian aid and b. equipment associated with the provision of such aid, have breached international human rights law.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hong Kong is asking for anyone with evidence in relation to the above to please submit such information via the inquiry’s website accessible here. The deadline to submit evidence is 7th April. The APPG will then invite individuals and organisations to present their evidence in person. Both evidence sessions will inform a final report outlining their findings and subsequent advice for the government.

Baroness Bennett, co-chair of the APPG on Hong Kong, said at the launch, “more needs to be done to protect Hongkongers, professionals who care for the injured, as well as the 33,733 UK nationals currently resident in the city. Many disturbing reports have emerged in personal accounts, through social and conventional media, and there is global concern both about what is happening to Hong Kong and the damage done to international norms and standards. This inquiry will produce a report that aims to be a resource for informing the actions of the UK and other governments, international rights bodies and campaigners”.

The inquiry is welcomed by many campaigners, including ‘Stand with Hong Kong’, a spokesperson for which says, “Throughout the protests, including during the current coronavirus outbreak, medical workers (many of whom are volunteers) have risked life and limb to provide life-saving services for Hongkongers. This inquiry marks an important shift in the British government’s approach to addressing human rights abuses in Hong Kong and to defending the city’s rights and freedoms that are guaranteed under the Basic Law and the Sino-British Joint Declaration. We hope that the British government will take the inquiry’s findings seriously and hold perpetrators of human rights abuses accountable”.

The APPG on Hong Kong is chaired by Alistair Carmichael MP, its Co-Chair is Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle, and its vice chairs include Lord Alton of Liverpool, Steve Double MP, Geraint Davies MP and Dame Cheryl Gillan MP. More information on the APPG can be found here: https://www.hkinquiry.org/.


Editor’s Notes

About the APPG on Hong Kong

The APPG on Hong Kong was inaugurated on 5th November 2019. Its aim is to promote democracy and the rule of law, defend human rights in Hong Kong, share information about Hong Kong and to nurture relations between the United Kingdom and the people of Hong Kong.

About “Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.”

We are a group of ordinary Hongkongers who care deeply about our city. We come from all walks of life and range widely in age and profession. Some of us are in Hong Kong while others are overseas. Despite not having met each other in person, we are united by our love for our city.

In the last 22 years, we have witnessed China’s repeated breaches of the Declaration and the deterioration of our human rights, freedoms and rule of law. We are actively mobilizing the international community to support Hongkongers’ fight for freedom. https://standwithhk.org/about/







小組聯席主席 Natalie Bennett 女男爵表示:「英國需要作出更多行動去保護香港人以及三萬多名居港英國公民。社交媒體及傳統媒體的個人戶口傳來多項令人不安的報道,而國際社會亦關注香港發生的事及普世標準所受的傷害。這份調查結果將被整緝成報告,以向英國及其他政府、國際人權組織及行動者提供其行動所需的資料。」

是次調查廣受各運動組織歡迎,其中包括「Stand with Hong Kong」。該組織發言人表示:「醫護工作人員(其中不少為義工)在多次的抗議行動時,包括近日冠狀病毒爆發期間,都在冒著自身傷亡的風險,為香港人提供救急扶危的服務。這個調查將會標誌英國政府對香港人權受打壓情況立場上的重要轉變,轉以守護基本法及中英聯合聲明所保證在香港的人權與自由。我們期望英國政府將會嚴肅對待是次調查結果,並向侵犯人權的罪犯問責。」

英國國會跨黨派香港小組主席由下議院議員Alistair Carmichael擔任,副主席包括上議院議員 Lord Alton of Liverpool、下議院議員 Geraint Davies 和 Dame Cheryl Gillan。更多關於英國國會跨黨派香港小組的資訊,請按這裡: https://www.hkinquiry.org/



關於「Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong. 攬炒團隊」




‘Evolving like Pokemon’, Hong Kong women step up to protest frontline


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