Huawei 5G

UK, Zoom ‘unsuitable’ for government secrets, researchers say

‘Global espionage operation’: US wages all-out campaign to convince UK to reject Huawei

Huawei: Government wins vote after backbench rebellion

Boris Johnson news – live: Tory MPs self-isolate after minister struck down with coronavirus, as recession warnings issued after Budget

Britain Needs to Rethink Its Huawei Decision after China’s Conduct over Coronavirus

  • “China is trying to turn its health crisis into a geopolitical opportunity. It is launching a soft power campaign aimed at filling the vacuum left by the United States.” — Yu Jie, a senior research fellow at London’s Chatham House
  • China’s cynical attempts to use the coronavirus pandemic to its own advantage are not just deeply unethical: they should be taken as a warning that Beijing is not to be trusted, a lesson the West should take on board as it contemplates its future relationship with the Chinese, on trade and other issues such a 5G.
  • In Britain, for example, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision earlier this year to allow Huawei access to the country’s new 5G network was taken despite the fact that the country’s security services have long-regarded Huawei as a “high-risk vendor”.
  • Mr Johnson’s decision in favour of Huawei continuing its involvement in constructing the 5G network is said to have been influenced by threats from Beijing that Britain’s vital trading relationship with China would be adversely affected if Huawei was excleded

State-owned Chinese investor to seize control of chip designer Imagination

MPs have alerted the PM to concerns that the British chip designer will have its assets relocated to China, Sky News learns.

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