Hong Kong Update

‘US should punish HK officials for police brutality’


Martin Lee: HK police is CCP tool for full control of HK, even HK gov is subservient to the police 警隊已成中共打壓港人的槍桿子 – 李柱銘


RTHK chief calls for respect among govt departments


‘I Am Willing to Take a Bullet for You. Are You Willing to Go on Strike for Me?’

The government won’t listen. The police keep cracking down. So Hong Kong protesters are trying a new tactic: They’re forming unions.


International humanitarian norms in Hong Kong – Author’s reply

Policing of violent public disorder at scale is challenging and demands the highest levels of professionalism and discipline. Law enforcement officers are required to act courageously but dispassionately to restore public order, apprehending perpetrators where necessary and protecting people and property while at risk of injury to themselves.Leaders must also make provision for the treatment of the injured irrespective of whether they be protester, public, press, or police.Principles of international law in conflict provide a useful framework to identify the priorities and responsibilities of authorities in these situations.That any police action must be based on a lawful and legitimate enforcement objective is unquestionable. However, the principle of precaution is important—policing strategy should be informed by the obligation to avoid escalation of violence, to minimise likelihood of injuries, and to plan for the medical treatment of casualties.When ambulance access is impeded, urgent care will necessarily be required at the incident site. The police do not have a monopoly on the provision of first aid, and the principle of humanity—the relief of suffering, protection of life, health, and human dignity—rightly justifies any suitably qualified person present to attend to the wounded.Furthermore, the principle of distinction requires police to observe the symbols of protection of volunteer medical workers—who themselves are duty-bound to act impartially and with neutrality in their clinical capacity. This is the social construct of humanitarianism.The arrest and detention of verifiable emergency medical teams on the pretext that a few masquerading protesters were hiding among them is not only unpersuasive but a disrespect of the principles of distinction and proportionality. Deprivation of medical care is a serious infringement of the basic human rights of the injured.The government and the police of Hong Kong seem oblivious to the impact of their misplaced priorities, and by subverting humanity for operational needs have succeeded in reversing the traditions of over 150 years of humanitarian history.In his response to a written parliamentary question on these events, Lord Ahmad, the UK’s Minister of State (Minister for South Asia and the Commonwealth), commented “We expect the Hong Kong authorities to abide by international humanitarian laws and practices”.1 One would hope that the wider international community and the organisations that are the custodians of humanitarian law will now reaffirm their commitment to these ideals and the covenant of care for those wounded in conflict.


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