“Abuses, torture, and killing”: U.S. Human Rights Report Denounces the CCP Regime

The State Department’s new annual Human Rights Report denounces a staggering situation. Bitter Winter and its detained reporters are among those mentioned.

Religious Believers Forced to Prove Loyalty to the Chinese Regime With Money

Missing Uyghur Brothers Confirmed Detained in Xinjiang Internment Camp

High-Tech Human Rights Abuses in China

Article 300: CCP’s Secret Weapon of Religious Persecution

10/04/2019Massimo Introvigne A+ | A-

A study of 200 court decisions published in the scholarly Journal of CESNUR demonstrates that living a normal religious life in a banned group is enough to go to jail in China.

Captive nations and other inmates

The Chinese Communist Party wants to control the diaspora and suppress foreign criticism. Mongolians, Tibetans and Uighurs are not only silenced inside Xi Jinping’s empire, but abroad

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