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China Blames US For Bringing Coronavirus to Wuhan, Says They Deserve an “Explanation”

‘Prolonged, unprotected contact’ led to first known person-to-person coronavirus transmission in US, study says

A woman who traveled from China to Illinois in mid-January likely transmitted the novel coronavirus to her husband through “prolonged, unprotected contact,” according to research released Thursday.None of more than 300 people who came into contact with the two patients after they showed symptoms, however, developed symptoms of their own.


Chinese diplomat accuses US Army of creating coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan


China hints at denying Americans life-saving coronavirus drugs


Gordon G. Chang: China falsely blames US for coronavirus pandemic


State Department summons Chinese ambassador over ‘blatant’ disinformation campaign on coronavirus


Was Charles Lieber Arrested for Connections to Coronavirus, Wuhan Lab?

The arrest of a Harvard professor fueled conspiracy theories about the new coronavirus outbreak in 2020.

Was Charles Lieber Arrested for Connections to Coronavirus, Wuhan Lab?

Why China is amplifying a conspiracy theory to blame America for coronavirus crisis


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