Hong Kong Update

China’s Expulsion of American Journalists Raises Red Flags Over Hong Kong Beijing bars expelled journalists from working in Hong Kong, encroaching on the financial hub’s right to control its own immigration policy


Hong Kong’s last Governor Chris Patten together with Hong Kong Watch’s Patrons Write to the Foreign Secretary to Demand Urgent Response to Expulsion of US media from China and Hong Kong


From uprising to outbreak: Hong Kong sign language interpretation group gets political

Letters | Hong Kong protests and police action: the UK can no longer stand by


Just in: A prosecutor has been forbidden to handle legal cases related to the Hong Kong #antiELAB movement after he published a book that teaches young people their legal rights, in which he wrote about his support to the #HongKongProtests in the preface. 檢控官掀「出書」風波 被禁處理反修例案


Charge dropped against student protester


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