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Sweden, Ericsson CEO says there’s ‘no one ahead of us’ on 5G — not even Huawei

  • Ericsson CEO Borje Ekholm refuted claims that China’s Huawei is leading the pack on 5G.
  • Ekholm said the “notion that we get a free ride” from the U.S. pressure on Huawei is false.
  • Britain and Germany are set to decide soon on whether to allow Huawei into their 5G networks.

Swedes axe China-backed Confucius school scheme as relations sour

Gothenburg axes twin city agreement with Shanghai as Sweden closes all Confucius Institutes

Sweden plans to ask European Union to investigate origin of Covid-19, likely further straining relations with China

  • Sweden’s health minister, Lena Hallengren, says an investigation is important to know ‘the origin and spread of the coronavirus’
  • Sweden’s ties with China are already tense; Stockholm has repeatedly asked for Beijing’s release of bookseller Gui Minhai

Beijing’s bullying has ruined its relationship with Sweden

World’s Fastest 5G: Nokia Beats Ericsson With New 5G Speed Record

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