Huawei 5G

Attention!!!, CCP and Huawei face masks diplomacy around the world!

Huawei buys paid pseudo op-ed space with @POLITICOEurope to claim that with mask deliveries “we have never sought to gain any publicity or favor in any country by what we are doing. We made a conscious decision not to publicize things”.

We are all Europeans today

The Netherlands

Huawei apparently donating 800,000 masks to the Netherlands. The nation’s 5G auction is scheduled for June, and the Dutch are yet to decide on whether to exclude the vendor from its 5G networks over espionage concerns

Huawei doneert 800.000 mondkapjes.…

South Korea

Huawei donates 200,000 masks to Korea to help combat COVID-19


In Poland, #Huawei has promised 20,000 masks. The first 12,000 arrived in Warsaw on Friday. Poland has leaned stricter on Huawei for 5G than most of Europe.…


Coronavirus: Huawei to send medical equipment to Ireland

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