Wuhan Coronavirus

A Made-in-China Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic should be a wake-up call for a world that has accepted China’s lengthening shadow over global supply chains for far too long. Only by reducing China’s global economic influence – beginning in the pharmaceutical sector – can the world be kept safe from the country’s political pathologies.


Riot Breaks Out in China as People Try to Leave Virus-Hit Hubei


Over 1km-long queue to enter Zhuhai after authorities of Guangdong Province announced new quarantine measures

China disowns defective coronavirus test kits in PH

(UPDATED) This comes after the Department of Health (DOH) said that test kits from China were only 40% accurate


Security News This Week: Chinese Hacking Surges Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Plus: A Windows zero day, an iOS watering hole, and more of the week’s top security news.

Chinese Markets Allegedly Resume Selling Wildlife & Bats As COVID-19 is Now Contained in China


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