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USA, Abbott Launches Molecular Point-of-Care Test to Detect Novel Coronavirus in as Little as Five Minutes

– The Abbott ID NOW™ COVID-19 test brings rapid testing to the front lines- Test to run on Abbott’s point-of-care ID NOW platform – a portable instrument that can be deployed where testing is needed most- ID NOW has the largest molecular point-of-care installed base in the U.S. and is available in a wide range of healthcare settings- Abbott will be making ID NOW COVID-19 tests available next week and expects to ramp up manufacturing to deliver 50,000 tests per day- This is the company’s second test to receive Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA for COVID-19 detection; combined, Abbott expects to produce about 5 million tests per month

Duke researchers are decontaminating N95 masks so doctors can reuse them to treat coronavirus patients

A new FDA-authorized COVID-19 test doesn’t need a lab and can produce results in just 5 minutes

MIT Will Post Free Plans Online for an Emergency Ventilator That Can Be Built for $100

First Coronavirus Vaccine Test — Using 400 Tiny Needles — Shows Promise In Mice

A Potential Coronavirus Vaccine Might Have Been Discovered Already

Coronavirus: US researchers develop possible vaccine with novel injection technology

  • The potential vaccine is delivered through a fingertip-sized patch of 400 tiny needles
  • When administered to mice, the researchers found ‘significantly high’ antibody responses to the coronavirus that causes the Covid-19

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