China Update

After Chinese Tycoon Goes Missing, Growing Criticism of Xi Leadership Hints of Factional Infighting

Chinese tycoon and princeling Ren Zhiqiang was recently detained after he publicly criticized Communist Party leader Xi Jinping for mishandling China’s response to the epidemic.

Soon after, Chinese democracy activists exiled overseas circulated open letters—purportedly signed by Chinese entrepreneurs and retired senior officials—calling on Xi to enact systematic reform.

The letters’ veracity could not be confirmed. But analysts believe that rumors of such dissent demonstrate that factional infighting within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is intensifying, as Xi faces mounting criticism over the way China handled the virus outbreak

Silenced: Stories of Citizens Suppressed for Speaking the Truth About the CCP Virus

Chinese Markets Are No Safe Haven for Investors

China’s President Feeling The Pressure From Dissent in Own Party

Medical Staff Forced to Join in CCP’s Coronavirus Lies

While sacrificing their lives to treat the victims of the deadly virus, China’s doctors and nurses were pressed to play along with the government’s propaganda.

A Loyal Chinese Critic Vanishes, in a Blow to the Nation’s Future

The sudden silence of Ren Zhiqiang, a vocal member of the Communist Party, signals a retreat from the principles that led China out of poverty.

Fears Grow For Chinese Student Who Told President to Step Down

Reports indicate that Zhang Wenbin is incommunicado since posting the short video clip to Twitter.

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