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Tear down the ‘Great Firewall’ to win the war with China

America and China are confronting each other on several battlefields at once: global trade, military might, the war of ideas. On each of these front lines, China constantly searches for America’s Achilles’ heel — the vulnerabilities through which China can undermine U.S. power and position on the world stage. While the trade war and potential military confrontations with China rightfully receive attention, we have yet to recognize fully the threat from China’s ideological warfare against the United States.

This has intensified under President Xi Jinping, and we ignore this threat at our peril. The key source of America’s power and greatness is the belief in the importance of individual liberty, which is inherent in our Constitutional rights.

To win this political war against China, the United States must vigorously assert the superiority of its ideology while exposing the falsehood and deceptiveness of China’s. The best way to do this is to ensure free flow of information into China. And the preeminent means to do this is through the internet. The Chinese regime knows its ideological vulnerability, and it restricts people from seeking truth and knowledge by controlling information flow with the “Great Firewall.”ADVERTISEMENT

This Great Firewall is the world’s most extensive and sophisticated. It blocks website content, monitors individuals’ internet access, uses humans and bots to spread China’s lies and fake news, and engages in ideological warfare to demonize American values and democracy. Through the Great Firewall, China possesses a monumental internet censorship machine that is fully integrated with its mass surveillance system such as Skynet, smart cities, Sharp Eyes and Social Credit Score system — making it the most repressive information and mind-control system the world has ever witnessed.  


Cyber-Attack Hits U.S. Health Agency Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

  • NSC tweet on disinformation Sunday was connected to attack
  • Cyber intrusion comes as U.S. battles the coronavirus pandemic


How to Counter China’s Coronavirus Disinformation Campaign


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