Europe / Western countries

Australia, MPs flay China for outbreak ‘cover-up’

Australian politicians launch brutal attack on the Chinese Communist Party for ‘failing to contain the coronavirus’

  • Senior MPs said China must reap economic consequences due to coronavirus
  • One MP blamed the communist country for COVID-19 which killed thousands 
  • Calls for Australia to reassess its relationship with China after the pandemic 
  • Another MP demanded an investigation into the virus 
  • Australia currently has 5,550 positive coronavirus cases with a total of 30 dead

Australia seizes faulty coronavirus protective equipment imported from China

Authorities have begun seizing Chinese-made faulty face masks and other protective clothing that is being exported to Australia to help halt the spread of coronavirus.

Key points:

  • An official has dubbed some of the intercepted Chinese personal protective equipment “dodgy”
  • Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands have rejected Chinese-made protective equipment
  • Australia has banned face masks, gloves, gowns, goggles, alcohol wipes and hand sanitiser exports

The ABC has learnt that in recent weeks, Australian Border Force (ABF) officers have intercepted several deliveries of personal protective equipment (PPE) that have been found to be counterfeit or otherwise faulty

Coronavirus: Australian scientists begin tests of potential vaccines

Coronavirus: The Chinese companies stockpiling Sydney’s medical supplies

A Chinese company in Sydney has sent an explosive email to staff telling them to stockpile medical supplies amid the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Obsolete scum of white Australia’ behind anti-Chinese sentiment, says NSW Labor MP

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